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    Thrown out for smoking- Help!

    or phone the club and say you lost your card b4 the game
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    Thrown out for smoking- Help!

    next season they need to start opening the gates at half time so people can have a blaze. sum other clubs do it, notts county do and i remember derby doing it. be a lot less hassle for everyone
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    Atmosphere at Eastlands

    ^^^this!!! sky have totally fucked the game up aswell
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    man city peformance vs aris

    best game ive seen in ages, everyone played well. hope we keep it constistant. gaz baz motm
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    Songs you don't hear anymore (some for obvious reasons!)

    who's the blue boy bossin the midfield, joey barton n he'll put ya on ya arse!!!!
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    Good Oasis songs that weren't used properly.... mint tune!!
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    30grand a week is that all he's on, i feel really sorry for jo now.
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    Johnson wouldn't pass to Jo !

    the biggest fuck off 6inch nail on the head my friend
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    ive slagged jo off to fuck, an tbh i hate slagging any city player off. But come on anyone who thinks he trys 100% and think he's good enough then i must be watching a different player.
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    the annoying thing is if a player is shit, and he gives 100% every time he plays, its no so bad that he's shit because he trys. But this twat 80k a week or whatever he's on is a fucking joker.
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    Johnson wouldn't pass to Jo !

    who would pass to him??? He's a waste of organs, on a football pitch. not even a 1st division player biggest flop in football history, 19million!!!!!
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    Lets all do the City

    but everbody no's its the poznan n we got it off them. end off thread!!! soz
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    my mate sent me this at the match yesterday. my grandad said "city can win the title this year" I said "tell me something I don't no" he replied "your nana's arse can take my whole fist" bwahahahahahahaha
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    one of the worst footballers ive ever seen, ever!!!!
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