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    joke thread....

    That fucking Panda upto his old tricks, last time it was a Brothel and he still hasn't paid the bill
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    joke thread....

    I have giggled far longer than i should have at this.
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    The Incredibles

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    WW2 UXB in Exeter becomes XB

    If our regime starts thinning out the herd based on what version of a fairytale sections believe, in horrendous ways I would quite welcome bombs from public spirited nations
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    Stop the world I wish to get off

    I used to do a bit of equal ops training many years ago...When did we stop recognising and accepting difference?...or does that only count if skin colours are involved these days?
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    My 17 year old lad has Type 3c...Probably doesn't inject enough insulin tbh but in his defense not having a pancreas has knock on effects (he's on digestive enzymes) that basically means conventional calculations to how the body uses carbs is out of kilter with traditional advice.
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    How the Plague Caused the Reformation

    One can only only assume then, that the escalation in the amount of back door breaching advice on here follows Anti Viral advancements in the treatment of A.I.D.s
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    Foden on Soccer AM and Fooball Focus

    Not totally your fault mate, my subconscious hates me ;)
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    Foden on Soccer AM and Fooball Focus

    Thanks for that you miserable bastard, I immediately thought, Oh god what if he does a Lakey. ;)
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    Munich Anniversary

    1984 in school sat next to a Liverpool supporting lad that had a full repertoire of Munich songs that he spent teaching City supporting me. 14 year old me thought they were funny as fook. Fast forward a number of decades and I find them distasteful...and the lad is now a fucking Rag with a...
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    United thread 2020/21

    Two pictures come with the tweet. Him flying through the air and scoring an header. Some Sun Bell end being mischievous.
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    How is everyone coping?

    Struggling to be honest. Had 4 Great mates growing up from 6-7 yrs old to early thirties, couple of week ago one of us died from Pneumonia just before his 51st birthday. another one moved to Oz 4 years ago and the other member of our gang has covid sounds rough as fuck and his Mrs is in...
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    What's best way to contact City+ for support

    Try to ook for a way to clear the cache. make sure you know all usernames and passwords.
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    January Transfer Window Its very quiet..or is it?

    Had a dramatic effect on the lad, I heard he was seen walking round his front garden repeating the words "20 Times"...*Silver lining... he now has made new friends in two passing tramps and a bag head
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    Erling Haaland

    And to be fair he does fit the rags transfer model :)
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