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    Liverpool vs United - what result suits us best?

    Gut reaction is a draw but really a rags win is better. No way they are winning it
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    Colin Bell RIP (p18) BBC Football Focus tribute P138

    Hopefully rumours let's wait for something official or hopefully not
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    Everton (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Think we are gonna dick these
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    Did You Get Any Good Christmas Pressies?

    I've been slightly tempted for a while to get into this but where do u store it all once built
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    Premier League (midweek games) 15/16/17 December

    Well this league is really shit if they win it with the defensive injuries they have had.
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    Premier League (midweek games) 15/16/17 December

    Not much room for his pace when the defence starts on the 6 yard line. Class player tho and likeable which is rare for me
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    Premier League (midweek games) 15/16/17 December

    I just want spurs to win I hate the dippers so much I'll deal with the consequences later.
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    Most pissed you have been at a game..

    Dunno what it is about away days. On way there and pre match drinks are flowing. By the time we are back to the coach/train I'm knackered and headache has kicked in.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Porto (21/10/20)

    Feel sorry for Stones
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    Chumps League 20/21st October

    Possibly but offered more than neymar tonight and just feel given his age he would improve with the right manager
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    Chumps League 20/21st October

    Neymar is a disgrace great talent but will never be a great with his attitude
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    Chumps League 20/21st October

    Obviously want the rags to get beat then I realise that cnut Herrera is playing now I have a dilemma
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    Nations League

    Even defenders diving modern football is so frustrating just play be honest. Same for their pen and the free kick a min ago
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