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    Wolves (A) Post-Match Thread

    Say no more. Not many sides will come away from there this season with three points in the bag.
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    Phil Foden - 2020/21 Performances

    So disappointed in him. Thought he was better than that.
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    Nice one! Aren’t the Tuaregs also known as the ‘blue people’ because of the colour of their robes? Perhaps that’s confused the guy?
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    Harry Maguire found guilty in Greece

    Jesus! This is this is the Greek cop who “chased and caught” Maguire? I know Slabhead is as slow as fuck - and was obviously pissed - but even so ...
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    David Silva Statue To Be Placed Outside The Etihad In 2021

    Words are inadequate to describe the sheer joy this guy has brought to the club in the last ten years. Good luck in all you do, David El Mago.
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    Claudio Bravo has left the club

    Thanks, Claudio. Had some tough times in a city shirt but some successes. Never seemed to rock the boat.
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    New Shirt Sponsor: £50mill A Year?

    We’d be better off with Mike Bassett.
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    New forum software

    Or an exploding brain for the Matchday Forum?
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    E.J. Thribb says, “So, farewell then ...”
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    Carrgaher Censored by Sky Sports

    Bucket of Water song?
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    Yaya Toure Retires - City Legend and one of the Best ever

    An absolute one-off. Monster of a player whose huge contributions to the club’s ‘rise’ as a major player in the game can never be minimised.
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    United thread 2019/20

    Yes, I might be a little more worried if they had a decent manager. He’s very, very average - and that’s being kind.
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    Ederson wins the Golden Glove

    Well done, Eddie! Allison, my arse!
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    David Silva Statue To Be Placed Outside The Etihad In 2021

    Tears of joy, tears of sadness this evening. Bye, David El Mago, and thanks for ten unbelievable years. A truly great footballer, man and human being. It’s been a real privilege to witness your achievements here. It’s not quite over: let’s see off Real and then add that CL medal to your collection.
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    FA Cup Semi-Final - Sunday 19th July

    The Rags will get a top four finish and will win the FA Cup. Wasn’t that - besides the Scousers being confirmed as *Covid 19 Champions - the whole point of Operation Restart?
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