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    General Videogame Thread

    Warzone's a cluster. Between hacks, whatever the hell the controller aim assist is, letting streamers get away with both of the previous, changing guns in the meta to them sell then in the store...... Makes me sad that the OG 2003 Cod was an all time classic.
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    Czech Republic v England | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Tuesday 22nd June 2021

    The annoying thing is Foden was sacrificed against scotland on the right to keep the werld's best left back busy.
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    Lived in Cork for a time, got into hurling quite a bit, class game. It was the 2013 final + replays, not seen such a buzz around a town even with big City matches.
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    General Videogame Thread

    If you're into that series it won't disappoint, but you're right about LoZ reviews. Nintendo could release Legend of Zelda - Link Makes a Sandwich, and it'd get 10's across the board.
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    Spain v Poland | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Saturday 19th June 2021

    I did last year, the same week the office closed for covid. Class timing, love the place though.
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    England v Scotland | Euro 2020 Group Stages | Friday 18th June 2021

    He was put there to give the GREATEST RB IN THE WERLD pause for coming forward. In doing so Southgate removed most of his effectiveness. Surely Sterling could've gone on the right instead?
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    Scotland v Czech Republic | Euro 2020 Group Stage | Monday 14th June 2021

    Come out all hyped, blood and thunder, and been picked off twice. Naive
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    Summer outgoings and possible replacements

    Carson's on loan, and his Derby contract just expired, no brainer, get him in on 200k
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    PFA Awards | De Bruyne and Foden win POTY and YPOTY

    It's only right the humble and self effacing leader of the PFA get some recognition for his hard work over the years for almost no monetary reward.
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    PFA Awards | De Bruyne and Foden win POTY and YPOTY

    Guys, you're all missing the big one. Congrats big man.
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    Champions League Final | Travel Requirements + COVID Tests

    I honestly don't know how border control are not up to speed yet. My last flight was in November, and there was nothing. Just breeze on through as normal, despite all the warnings about locator forms etc. If it's the same now, the cynic in me suggests it's just policy now.
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    Returning to the office.

    Think we'll move to a hybrid maybe 3 days in 2 out, then 2 in 3 out. Not expected back in til October though. Can't argue, the decision was made to close up and go full from home start of March last year, way before it became widespread
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