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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Signed: Released: Alberto Moreno, Daniel Sturridge
  2. E

    Research project on football fans and Europe

    Dear football fans, Which football clubs do you see as your club’s biggest rivals? How important are the Champions League or Europa League for you? What do you think is important for your club to function well as a team? What have been your most emotional moments as a fan? For our research...
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    Questionnaire for City fans on the significance of football stadium names

    Hi, I am Fraser, a third year student at the Manchester Metropolitan University carrying out my dissertation project on the significance of football stadium names within fan culture. It would be greatly appreciated if you could click on the link below to answer a questionnaire, it will only take...
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    Fan Perceptions of Commercialisation in Football: A Case Study of Manchester City FC

    Hi all, I am currently writing a final year dissertation on Fan Perceptions of Commercialisation in Football, from the perspective and view of Manchester City FC fans. I would really appreciate if you could spare 10 minutes of your time to fill in the following survey...
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    Time for a song refresh?

    I’m a City fan almost entirely because of the songs. I was taken to Highbury by my father in law and despite losing, from that day forward I’ve never looked back. The main reason was the singing. I know away games are always better for that, but maybe we can find a better balance and turn our...
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    Season Ticket holder dissertation survey. Please complete

    *Short 12 question questionnaire. Please could you take time to fill it in to help me with my University project* Survey link: Hi, my name is Louie Joyce and I am a 21 year old season ticket holder at City. I am currently in my 3rd year of...
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