£50.00 bet.

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  1. C_T_I_D


    13 May 2007
    £50.00 bet.

    Dear Fellow Bluemooners,

    I do not know whether you remember that myself and Ricster agreed to bet that Manchester City would not sign one single superstar and in order for Ricster to be victorious only one needed to sign on the dotted line and don the blue shirt with the proceeds of this mutually agreed to being donated to the charity that Stevie Ireland has set up.

    May I first of all say that it would be a privledge to donate that amount of money to a charity that does such good work and enhances other peoples lives and I am sure Ricster is of the same opinion. However, given the amount of people who are allegedly ITK, is it a foregone conclusion that at least one 'superstar' or 'world class player' if you prefer that term shall be a Manchester City player?

    Obviously Drogba, Ronaldinho, Tevez, Kaká and so on and so forth have been mentioned lately so if any of them come it'd be a win: win situation for me. I'd be donating to one of my favourite charities but I would also get to see a player enhance the chances of City being successful.

    Views? Any assistance from the following in this matter would be brilliant.

    Roll call

    Sir Ajay
    Sir Bill ( De Niro )
    Sir Tolmies Hairdoo
    And anybody else who has heard reliable information please step forward.


  2. josh06


    5 Oct 2005
    Under a tree
    Re: £50.00 bet.

    Define superstar..

    As some believe Joey Barton may fit into this category, whiles others don't. Me? I'm unsure!
  3. Tell The King

    Tell The King

    4 May 2008
    Re: £50.00 bet.

    If only 1/16 of whats written on here turns out to be true, you'll defintely be donating to that charity!

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