2024/25 Points Deduction Trophy

Monday news
City Manager Ricky Hatton takes squad to worlds largest brothel to celebrate 2 game unbeaten run, expect to be back in time for Kick off v Salford tomorrow night if not
Asst Manager John Fury happy to step in.
I wonder if getting relegated would reinvigorate some of our slumbering match day fan base? It might even get people fired up enough to stay until the final whistle!?
Confrence north looks good tbf, days out in buxton, chester, southport & scarborough

Watch out for the Buxton ultras they hit their drink a little too hard and are known binge drinkers...

Sure it's only bottled water but they drink it by the litre, because of this they've been know to invade the away end at half time.

Not in search of trouble though they just need our away end toilets, so be firm but fair and insist they use the toilets after you.
Looking forward to any division we're in after the decision. If it's not the PL? We will be back! The Etihad will be packed and rocking as we batter and make mince meat of lower division teams. Bring it fucking on!
Which is why I don’t think relegation will happen.

It would make a mockery of their decision if we were winning 8-0 every week.
The Good Catch chippy opposite alty is just the best, though make sure you order your fish and chips in a box, so you can smuggle it in to the away end up your jumper...

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