3 | Ruben Dias - 2023/24

I think the amazing thing about Ruben is he is still ONLY 26 years old and his best years are still ahead of him. Incredible how well he plays for City.

I always wonder why in Portugal he does not the command the backline the same way. I am guessing it’s because of Pepe still being there? Or maybe the Portugal NT ruins everyone because even Bernardo is not the same when he plays for Portugal (granted he has had improved performers under Roberto Martinez).
Ruben Dias - English Premier League record with Man City

Played 90 in 3 full seasons + current one

lost matches in whole PL career ( as starter or sub )

21.11.2020 Tottenham away (2-0)
7.3.2021 Man Utd home (0-2)
8.5.2021 Chelsea home (2-1)
18.05.2021 Brighton away (3-2)
15.08.2021 Tottenham away (1-0)
30.20.2021 C.Palace home (0-2)
19.02.2022 Tottenham home (2-3)
16.10.2022 Liverpool away (1-0)

Ruben you are massive!

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