47 | Phil Foden - 2022/23

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I hope this season is the one where he is on Real Madrids radar, that he dreams of Barcelona, that PSG are ready to bid 200million.
It will mean he is reaching his full potential.
Feel like this is a really big season for Phil. I'm still not sure where his position in the team really is and with Haaland coming in, its his big chance to really stamp his mark on this team and make a position his own. Its the same with England as well and with the world cup, he needs to be the focal point of that england team. Looking forward to seeing him really shine this season.
Really concerned about Phil.... It breaks my hear when someone isn't living up to his/her potential. Phil is still young and he may retire with multiple balon d'ors but right now something just isn't clicking. The truth is, he is head and shoulders above the rest of the players around his age in the premier league apart from our very own Erling. At his best, there is maybe only Mbappe ahead of him in his age bracket.

He is doing well 'career-wise', winning titles every season, individual awards, and also producing a somewhat decent G/A output. Even if he retires tomorrow, his career will have been a 'success'. However, there is still a mountain for him to climb in terms of his own footballing potential and showcasing it during the big moments: the derbys, the big ucl games, games vs the dippers etc. Every true city fan knows that his potential is balon d'or worthy. Maybe it's him being a City fan that's making me overestimate his potential, but it'll truly be a sad thing for football if this kid doesn't reach the heights he can.
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