8 Points to win the League

How many points will be needed to win the league?

  • 81 - 85

    Votes: 639 67.3%
  • 76 - 80

    Votes: 258 27.2%
  • 70 - 75

    Votes: 53 5.6%

  • Total voters
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5 Jun 2013
Faster the headwind blows, higher the eagle soars
No, if I went to the bookies today and put £999 on City at 1/1000, and you put £6.66 on the scum at 150/1, then the bookie would have £1005.66 and he would be guaranteed to have to pay out exactly £1000 to one of us when it's settled (again, ignoring other teams to simplify the maths). He would be guaranteed a profit of £5.66 whoever won it which is a profit margin of just 0.566%.

Worth noting that that profit margin is ridiculously small - it's normally somewhere in the region of 6% to 20% for most events, which indicates that there is absolutely zero money in the market for the bookies, which in itself is as good an indication as it gets that the league is done and dusted.

You are right that for the bookies to lose £1000, someone would have to bet 1000 x £1000, i.e.£1 million which puts it into perspective!
Probably get more in interest if you put a million in the bank from now till the end of the season.


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13 Apr 2009
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Yes I was only a couple of feet away from the Players Tunnel and likewise directly behind the goal when Nelly hit it with the outside of his famous left foot which took it away from the goalie.
As you say wonderful memories.
We were probably only a few yards away as I was just to the left of the tunnel.


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8 Oct 2008
We're starting to look a bit leggy and tired. A fresh and rested youthful Leeds team could give us some problems in Saturday.

Marcelo Alberto Bielsa Caldera would have watched with interest last night. A raft if changes and fresh legs should see us through.

A win and we can relax and enjoy the weekend, whilst United go to Spurs after their Thursday night trip to Spain.


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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
Spursy are more than capable of getting a result against the Rags and if we can manage three points from the Leeds game we then need six points from six games , we would need a collapse in Devon Locke proportions to f*ck this up.
We should aim to win all our remaining games and win the title by 20 or more points , it will put our challengers optimism for next season into perspective
It would also be nice to leave the Dippers trailing over 30 points behind us , which would mean a 50 point swing from the last season , which would confirm the Dippers are the worst team ever to defend their title , now that would mean more

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