Aguero contract situation

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14 Jun 2010
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Contract is not being offered to him yet, we really waiting on him proving his fitness. Or we might think his salary is better spent on a replacement's salary who will be here for years to come.

Even if we offer him one it will be a short 1 year at best imo given his fitness.

Would be a bit strange to get Messi and not play him with Kun, or they match up at PSG lol.

Whatever it will be I still want Kun to bang a couple goals in PL/CL especially if these last about 20 games left will be be his last in City.

Wy can Ibrahimovic still play week in week out and banging goals at age 40 while for us Kompany, Aguero already having had serious fitness issues at 31-32?
Or Lewandowski at age 31/32 running some of his best form...
Why is it some players are ready to play top level football at 17, but others don't get there until they're 23?
Why do some players peak at 25, and others at 30?
Why do some players carry on until 40 and others struggle past 30?

Players have vastly different bodies. Sometimes it's down to genetics, sometimes it's down to lifestyle, sometimes it's down to playing style, sometimes it's down to injuries, sometimes it's down to luck etc. Often it's a big combo of these.


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23 May 2016
It's obviously sad to say, but I don't think anyone can criticise the club for being reluctant to offer an extended contract to a high-wage player who has barely played in a year. He's back in the squad now and if he shows that he's able to stay fit I have no doubt we'll offer him another year and everyone will rightly be delighted because he's one of the best strikers of the 21st century. If we choose not to, though, I hope the fans can be fair about it and understand why.

We cannot do as Barca did with Suarez and let him go to a title rival. That would be beyond stupid.


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24 Apr 2014
The club have always said its Sergio decision when comes to him staying or going.
No chance. Players never decide completely whether they want to stay. The club always makes the decisions, the club is just being polite. Because whats the point of keeping him if we sign for example Haaland? and maybe sign Messi? This from the club point of view. City no doubt see as moving Aguero's wages towards Haaland as very tempting. After all its business.

Pretty telling that he has not been offered contract extension as of yet, which means the club are at least considering to let him go.


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21 Aug 2020
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Yes, with the caveat being age and constant injuries obviously. He should be 3rd choice from this time next year.
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