Arnau Martínez


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16 May 2019
Arnau Martínez is a 19 year old defender (RB and CB) at Girona who was on their B team during 20/21 before playing well enough to get called up to Girona proper and ultimately becoming a regular starter. He scored the clinching goal in their 3-1 promotion game the other day. Martinez was a youth player for Barca as a kid before moving to a smaller team in Catalunya (Hospitalet) for a couple years before he switched to Girona.

Martínez is being linked with a return to Barca and I think if City let him get away, it sort of represents a failing of the entire concept of the CFG from my perspective. Generally speaking, most of the other clubs are being allowed to operate relatively independently with minimal interference from City (a few have been re-branded but most have not -- City generally adds a women's team, improves their facilities and maybe loans a few players there but that's been about it), but when a kid like this who is a genuine superstar in the making pops up, it makes *zero* sense if he is not signed by Man City and then potentially loaned back to the same team or another comparable one (similar to Pedro Porro after Girona were relegated previously). If City are going to own these other clubs and develop players but not take the best of them, then what is the reason for even having the other clubs?

Anyway, here's a highlight reel someone put together that is quite impressive:

We only own a stake in girona not a majority one either. I’m sure he’s been tracked, see how he does in the top tier.


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7 Nov 2010
I don't understand the backdoor moderating. There are literally hundreds of threads about players who City have and have not been linked to yet. He is primarily a RB though and fullback remains a position that City are taking a look at especially with Walker's age and Cancelo frankly looking much better at LB than at RB.
Well if he is a RB then we have our very own youth products doing well in Kabore and Couto.

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