Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread


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16 Jun 2009
Gundagun was poor I agree but don't forget to mention zdave & Kev who were fooking pants
I said everyone was poor other than Ederson imo, but Gundogan was a ball watching in the first half and give it away consistantly. He offered no pass to our defence so they had to look long more often than not.

When we did get in behind Jesus was nowhere to be seen, just not good enough.

Although Mendy played auba on for the second goal It was marginal and the defence should have been able to do enough to stop the goal. Garcia and Laporte got turned around just like Stones and Nico.


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4 Jan 2009
His passing was very good, especially first half.

The other French fucking lump next to him was the problem.
But I watched with my own eyes Mendy give the ball away over 7 times in the second half with those crosses, it was probably more! As threatening as a damp follow through.


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30 Oct 2016
Hopefully this match will serve as a reminder that we are not world class this season. We have serious weaknesses and if we're not 100% at our game, the probability of getting punished is increased...

A lesson we've failed to learn 4 years now : All teams playing against City will give 100%. Not necessarily to beat us, no. Primary objective is to avoid humiliation...

Arsenal started believing they have a chance because of City's mental approach. Not being disrespectful, not taking anything away from them, congratulations by the way. But it was City who fucked up, we did it to ourselves...

We have serious challenges ahead, as I said hopefully this match will serve as a wake up call. If it does, we'll earn something positive out of this experience...

I'm not going to talk about the match, not tonight. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow. I don't forget for one moment what this manager and these players have offered the club, its fans, the whole world, all these years. It's just that they have raised the standards so high. I love them, want the best for them, because they deserve it. That is why I sincerely hope for this to serve as a learning experience, leave it behind us and move on...

Now I'm gonna fuck off, go and murder somebody. Goodnight to everyone...


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12 May 2011
We were awful tonight, got exactly what we deserved. Literally no one played well. Play like that against Madrid and we’ll get a hiding.
Lockdown football is a lottery - even the 5 - 0/4 - 0 drubbings we've handed out were games where we were giving the ball away left right and centre. But to our credit we're trying to do the right thing - Kevin's still putting his foot through the ball, but because he's pre-season rusty like everyone else, a slightly off centre strike and the ball doesn't go to its intended destination. Tonight our finishing was way below par - not always alive to crosses coming in (Raheem - the one that hit his face for example). When a club as fabulously wealthy as Arsenal plays us like a Championship team would, it's not exactly a defensive masterclass. To be fair, Arsenal's ten defenders got in the way of everything, but they were closing their eyes and hoping for the best.


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21 May 2013
Another gripe of mine, Ederson is wonderful with his feet & pulls off a wonderful reflex here & there but you can see why Allison is No 1 he actually saves a few

We conceed so many shit 1st time & 2nd time goal atempts I'm sick of watching us pull the ball from our net after 1 shot

Around poor, carried on from Bournemouth.

Don't be fooled if we play like that we will get twatted by Real 100%

I like Garcia & hope he signs, Laporte looked terrible tonight but imo is having to work OT with that useless footer Mendy he isn't good enough & who the fuck is he trying to pass & Cross to???

Sterling & Mahrez wernt great but Jesus fucking never in a million is he going to be No 1 fwd at City never

Frustrated going down that easy Arsenal never broke sweat


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7 Dec 2013
But I watched with my own eyes Mendy give the ball away over 7 times in the second half with those crosses, it was probably more! As threatening as a damp follow through.
Crossing was tough as they had 8 players in the box.

His passing along the floor always hit the mark, first half especially every attack came from him.


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6 Jul 2009
"If you can't be a good example, then be a horribl
Lillo guy needs to challenge Pep, hope he is not a guy who agrees on everything. He was brought in to offer a different view to maybe bring different idea as we clearly have a running failure pattern vs similar tactics look at Soton and Arsenal.

In thes type of games we would need Carlos Tevez to win the match on his own and defend a bloody clean sheet like we did under Mancini many times.:)
Oh to have an aggressive warrior like Tevez nowadays, rather than some of our passive, mentally flaky, physically weak choirboys who lose every time they concede first. Six in a row now is it?

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