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Did madrid win the toss and turn us away from the south stand in the first half? If so it was a clever move because you see the difference it makes to the atmosphere when we attack that end.

Second half was miles better and last year we slaughtered them in that first half on and off the pitch.

Bit surprised the club didnt replicate the flag thing around the ground. Game started quite flat and it really helped them get that goal.
It's happening all grounds sadly for top PL clubs. it's sad and social media obsessed c*nts have ruined it.
I agree. It’s helping to kill the atmosphere for a lot of clubs as well. Ordinary fans are being priced out and replaced with people like this.

I’ve seen quite a few videos like this at West Ham. Seems like West Ham fans get just as annoyed as us.
I reckon quite a few knocked the CL scheme on the head after winning it last year. Definitely less regulars near me this time compared to 2022/23. It’s expensive to be in and with the complicated relationship we have with it probably the easiest to justify dropping.
I understand the reasons. Cost is an issue for me too.

But we cant moan about tourists in the same breath
So one of our biggest club sponsors Aldar have invited 2 rags to the biggest game of our season in a box that the majority of us will never get the privilege to watch a game in. This is what’s killing the atmosphere. All of these micro celebrities and social media bellends being invited by our biggest sponsors who actively want to see us lose. Fuck off


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Don’t let the social media wankers stop a real fan from going mate.

Sadly i'm done, 30+ years season ticket holder at Hammers.
Tourists/social media brigade ironically are not even the worst, i find myself sitting listening to genuine fans just constantly angry and moaning, slagging off Moyes and booing our players. Paying alot of money to be surrounded by twats and i sit there thinking what's the point.

rather watch Hammers at home or down pub with mates, far more relaxed and enjoyable. I had a good run.

*apologies to hijack this thread, on TV anyway your atmosphere seemed good and loud last night and you battered Madrid - that's football for you at times.
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