Best football song…

Penny Arcade?

I was there. I was actually in that stand. It’s good but nothing compares to the 10-15 minutes after the Europa Semi Final win over RB Leipzig. I’ve had a season ticket there since 1982 with my mate and we are both now 55. I turned to him that night with tears in my eyes and said nothing will ever be as good as this again. It never will. Supporting a football club is mostly lows with the very occasional high. That night made everything worthwhile . The getting up at 5am on a Sunday morning to go to Elgin and watch us struggle to a 1-0 win to a major European Final.
The baby's not yours
The baby's not yours
Oh Wayne Rooney
It's Adebayors.

Meat pie sausage roll
Come on England
Give ys a goal.
My first Stoke away game (last time city at Victoria ground) was pretty impressed with their dielilah song.

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