Bluemoon World Cup ( Fantasy League )


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21 Sep 2009
I`ve set up a world cup fantasy league for the bluemoon forum,so if you fancy joining just click on the link below and register for free.The league number and password are below for joining this league.

The format of the game is simple. You must pick a team consisting of 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers. You have no budget to worry about, but you are initially only permitted to pick 1 player from any of the represented countries.

You are able to make as many changes to your teams lineup as you like, as often as you like, leading up to the start of the tournament. However, as soon as the first game kicks off all teams in the competition will be frozen.

On completion of the Group stage, each team will be permitted to make up to 5 transfers in total throughout the remainder of the tournament. Points already scored by your players will not be lost, and you will not get points scored by your new player prior to the transfer being made. Transfers can be made at any time after the Group stage is complete, although will only count for games that kick-off after the change has been made. Once the transfer window is open, each team will be permitted to select up to 3 players from any country.

League Type : Private
League Name : Bluemoon World Cup
League Number : 96486
League Password : bluerevolution
Description : Bluemoon World Cup Fantasy League

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If this becomes popular and one of the Mods sticky it,cheers

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