Brighton 21 October

1 adult ticket available £25.00
South stand level 2 block 211 row j Entrance J. ( my son is poorly)
It's a print at home already printed so would meet at Sergio statue 2.30pm.
Dm if interested. CTID
Deleted my post now - couldn’t be arsed with the hassle he’d give me in response. He just messed me around a lot and left me hanging, so I had to disappoint my dad who is old and frail now. It happens I guess.
Are you in your local Supporters Club Branch Eric? I find there are normally a couple of spare tickets for most home games.
I’m not mate, but I should look into it. Based in Irlam which feels like a Rag stronghold, but there’s probably a City SC nearby.
There is a Supporters Club Branch in Irlam mate.

Branches can submit requests for Spurs at home against Spurs on the 3rd December, at the moment. One drawback might be that the tickets can be in either Level 1 or Level 3. In addition to the official channel spares for home games tend to be shared amongst members (of the Branches I’ve been in), often below face value.

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