Champions League Games 6/7 April


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12 May 2011
watching city on Tuesday and the PSG game last night was great. The talents of Foden, KDB, Haaland and Mbappe were a pleasure to observe and bode well for the future of city and the game in general.


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7 Mar 2018
I think the thing about mbappe is figuring out how to basically have one defender always ready to step right up to him and another to switch to cover tht space if beat, even if it means the switch leaves some other streaking runner open.

I realize the fact that often there’s only one defender back, but even then to me backing off of him once he gets around the 18 seems the worst of all the bad options in facing him. Momentum is his friend.

a little annoying to think about because in the last match against Dortmund we started doing that thing where the defenders backed and backed and backed...I don’t really know why other than a fear of making a mistake...and I just think against the more lethal of these players you might as well step into them and make them beat you. The longer you give them, the more options you leave on the table to them.

otherwise generally I thought Bayern was the better team on the ball, but their defending was so careless and naive. The neymar lob into the box was particularly bad.

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