Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread


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21 May 2009
Rule now is you don't get a yellow if the ref plays advantage - unless the foul was a bad one (Christensen's might have been). Rudiger also got away with a couple of studs up challenges.

Ah, thanks wasn't aware. Watching live only caught it from corner of my eye, challenge wasn't as bad as I thought. Suppose it makes sense.

dickie davies

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25 Sep 2010
Flat earth & I'm a c*nt (says @ LongsightM13)
If pep played with 3 dm's and 2 up top , been schooled for 99 minutes' , he would have been battered by the Manchester evening news and plenty of others.
Chelsea tactics
City will have the majority of possession
We win it back and hit it to the big man up top

Problem was we closed down the ball before they could launch it and when they did, , the big man reverted to type with his first touch

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