City Vs QPR The Final Game Post match Thread

What the fucking FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incredible. Is this "typical city" hahaahahaha????????!!!!!!!!!
What a fucking game.
Dzeko and Aguero started the season on fire - and I think finished it like a volcano.
Those first ten posts will be legendary (but it's not as if i can blame any of them!)
All i can say is this.....
stuck for words so I will post this again!

Remember 13th May 2012

Remember Platt lane the bench seats and splinters
Remember the Main stand the china cups and tea
Remember the North stand the brown seats and Helens bell
Remember the Kippax steps the cold winds and grass bank
Remember bananas the dinosaurs and fried eggs
Remember horses the burgers and The End is Nigh
Remember the 5-1 the 6-1 the 10-1
Remember the swallowed tongue the broken knee the talent lost
Remember the great players the good players and WTF players
Remember the great goals the own goals and last gasp goals
Remember the bad times and the worse times
Remember the sad times and the funny times
Remember your times
Remember today as the day that City came back.
Congratulations boys, it's been an absolutely fantastic season, script couldn't have been written any better.

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