Cole Palmer

I’m pleased to see Palmer doing well at Chelsea, as it’s testament to our academy and I wish him all the best. Was disappointed when we sold him, but he was never going to get the freedom or minutes that he enjoys at Chelsea here. It’s futile to dwell on it every time he has a good performance. We’re hardly struggling ourselves.
If we’d let him go on a free or for £10mil then it’d have been a bitter pill, but we can’t complain when we got £42mil for him with the limited minutes he played for us.

Shit happens.
I really rated him and felt like I saw something in him that a lot of fans just weren't seeing, game of opinions after all

However, I have to admit that despite my thoughts on him, I was astonished Chelsea were happy to pay that much, but it does look to have been proved to have been money well spent, not something Chelsea can point to elsewhere in their squad
Yep I think it’s just one of those things that worked out unexpectedly - I doubt he was expected to get loads of game time but he certainly grabbed his opportunity. I should have backed him more - him and Saka fucked me right over in the fantasy football!
Random question. Been to Manchester a few times to catch City. I've popped around a decent amount of the greater metro but never Wythemshawe. What's it like? Less urban, boring, fun, ritzy, rough?

I have no idea why my brain has gone there but I've read the name so many times and it's fun to say now I'm genuinely curious
Granted, it’s no leafy Windsor suburb, but most of the housing was built just after WWII. We have a fair few parks considering the size of Wythenshawe. I’d say most of the folk, are salt of the earth type who would give you their last penny, like all walks of life, there’s the odd bad apple. If you’re looking for pubs, most have gone now, certainly from when I used to frequent them in the 1980’s/90’s.

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