Congratulations to Bayer Leverkusen — Bundesliga 2023/24 Winners

Couldn’t really care less, the result and outcome of the league wasn’t in question.

In 2012 after Aguero’s goal v QPR there was another couple of mins to play wasn’t there but with the chaos it never really got played, both teams just passed the ball around for a few seconds and the ref blew, probably knowing full well all hell was about to break loose!
They hoofed the ball to hart from ko who just stood there with it and no QPR player even moved in his direction
Probably not the best fans to ask this as Joe Royles last game as City manager was never finished as we invaded the pitch with a couple of minutes to go
Was wondering if fans could make the mental leap over good behavior cs bad behavior, even though some fans may have tried the same thing!

It’s one thing to do it at the final whistle, but after the 4th goal and 5th goal, leading to an early whistle (even though the game was essentially over).
Good to see some other team winning that league. Unlike ours there is generally no one who challenges the top team and gives them a real title fight, looks like the German Rags don't like it when they have to fight for the league. Anyway congrats to Bayer I hope they can keep the team together next year (other than Wirtz {please come to us})
Well done to Bayer Leverkusen!

Thank the Lord that we didn't sign Harry Kane. We would have probably ended up winning fuck all if he had signed. Great player but he's a bloody jinx!


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