Coronavirus: Football Discussion Thread


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6 Sep 2008
"Uefa is working to plans that would see the Champions League final end the 2019-20 season on 29 August.European football's governing body will meet on 23 April for more discussions about how to complete a campaign which has been disrupted by coronavirus. It is likely one decision will be to agree that leagues could finish early, although only with Uefa's approval. But the idea is still to finish the season as a whole at the end of August, with all outstanding games played. That would mean the Champions League final taking place in Istanbul on 29 August, with the Europa League final in Gdansk three days earlier."

So EUFA are in control of the PL are they?[/QUOTE]

I think UEFA ultimately are yes!! Its an interesting post, missed as most of the focus has been on the premier league meeting which decided nothing.
I think UEFA are saying thats the very latest the season can finish. Working back that means leagues need to finish around the 20th August. Which means with 9/10 Games left, they must re-start no later than 1st July. So mini pre season must start by mid june!!
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3 Sep 2012
Not 100% sure at the moment...
Lock down extended to end of June
No, the furlough scheme has been extended until the end of June, not the lockdown (that's ongoing for now obviously). I presume that affects myself as we're working from home but they've just put us on a rotating 3 week furlough so it looks like it may last awhile longer than I hoped. I work at a call centre and we 'hot desk', I'm guessing that's going to delay things too.

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