Covid and travel discussion


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28 May 2008
Too early to say, but I’ve always thought that there will no no foreign holidays until July, which seems the most sensible option to me.

Makes me laugh when people who should know better say that there were so many cases imported from abroad, yet it has been stated that most of the cases in this country are now due to the Kent variant.

If we don’t have foreign travel, we’ll just get more variants springing up here. Can’t see how people coming and going from/to the continent is any worse than people travelling to Cornwall or Scotland.

The only caveat I would put in this is that travel should only be allowed to places that have a similar case rate to us.
So nowhere for the foreseeable future then...


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15 Jul 2020
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So nowhere for the foreseeable future then...
Like I said, I expect they won't open anything up until July. By then the imminent lockdowns in Europe will have had a chance to bring the rates down. The may even get their vaccination house in order by then as well.

I’ve got the Yorkshire dales booked for May, does Yorkshire count as foreign these days ?
You definitely need a passport at the Yorkshire border. Unless you are visiting on missionary work, of course.

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