Crisp Euros

So seeing as its the euros and alot of crisps will be being consumed lets do a crisp euros, whats your fave crisp and what euro team would they relate to, may the best crisp win.

Mine would be roast ox real handcooked crisps who would be croatia- always underrated but if you know you know
Judging by the comments, it seems practically no-one understood the brief.
What i love about the olympics is that you watch some really obscure sport for about 4 minutes and you immediately think your an expert in it.

Especially if GB have a medal interest.

Sean Kerly was probably the most famous man in Britain for a brief period in 1988.

Little old ladies sat at the bus stop talking about tactics on short corners.

99.9% of the country haven’t watched a hockey match since.
Currently in Zante , do not buy these they taste fuck all like bacon fries , in fact they have zero bacon flavour in football terms they are San Marino.IMG_20240615_121217607_MFNR.jpg
My top ten:

Scampi fries
Bacon Fries
Salt n vinegar Pringles
Salt n vinegar square crisps
Nice n spicy Nik Naks
Pickled onion Monster Munch
Beef Monster Munch
Salt n Vinegar discos
Pickled onion Space Raiders
McCoy’s beef
Not strictly a crisp but my favourite snack are spicy Stiggles.

They don't half make you drink more beer though.
Worcester sauce French fries - underrated dark horses (Croatia?)

Used to pack a punch, underappreciated and now sadly departed - Brannigans Roast Beef and Mustard, Lamb & Mint (Rep of Ireland)

Pringles - overrated and unfulfilling (England)
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