Crystal Palace (A) Post-Match Thread

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Man of the Match vs Crystal Palace

  1. Ederson

  2. Cancelo

  3. Fernandinho

  4. Rodri

  5. Mendy

  6. De Bruyne

  7. Gundogan

  8. David Silva

  9. Bernardo Silva

  10. Jesus

  11. Sterling

  12. Stones

  13. Foden

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  1. SebastianBlue


    25 Jul 2009
    Still at Maine Road in my mind.
    Relive the beauty, the grace, the majesty...

    And aside from Eddie, the match wasn’t bad, either!

  2. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    Because it has cost us and will in the future. Ask Pep the same question he mentions it after almost every game.
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  3. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    I am commenting on the game as I saw it, that's what this is, the post match discussion thread.

    It is a point that needs making, which is why Pep mentions it a lot.

    I enjoyed the game but the point I was making is a game we as good as totally dominated and should have been out of sight with 20 minutes to go, we could have drawn due to missing chance after chance.

    It isn't moaning its constructive criticism, although it matters not a jot as it's just an opinion on a discussion board.
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  4. nottsco2-0


    21 May 2013
    Alright boss. Jeez. Can I use 'boof', 'oosh', 'woosh, 'hrmph' or 'awooga' instead or do those ones refer to particular teams too?

    So much etiquette to remember
  5. prestonibbo_mcfc


    16 Apr 2010
    Yes. But it's all ifs, buts and aunties bollocks, as It didn't happen. I agree with your point about it being a discussion in the post match thread and
    I'm just adding my point to yours. Saying it has cost us in the past and could in the future, is true. But this game will have no bearing on those.
    We have missed sitters in the past and we've still done OK. Just think you are hanging on the negative a bit, when after all it was a good display
    and we could've won by a lot more. Sure we gave them a couple of chances, but that's happens.
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  6. chesterbells


    15 Apr 2010
    Yep, my glass is half full too.
  7. Nelinho


    30 Oct 2016
    I respect Milivojevic as a player, he has been great for Palace (I knew him before even signing for them), I also respect Zaha’s talent. Nevertheless fuck you both. After all, City are one of the dirtiest teams in the league, with all the tactical fouls etc, right? And Kevin especially, what the fuck, he’s well known as a thug…

    Let’s get a couple of things straight:

    1. All teams have learnt their lesson, they are aware of the story regarding the general refereeing (VAR included) attitude towards City. They know exactly what they’re doing, constantly applying pressure to the men in black…

    2. Do teams express themselves with the same physicality when facing LFC? That Sneiderlin tackle on Kev, the Milivojevic one on Gaby yesterday (for which the former complained!), and so on, and so on, and so on. How many injuries these 4 years? Still opposition will not hesitate to use whatever means in order to stop City, usually getting away with it…

    I won’t comment on the penalty incident. Have a question though: What exactly makes Zaha so fucking confident, challenging Kevin in the manner he did, inside the fucking box? What exactly makes him optimistic he has a pretty good chance avoiding punishment for doing so? He would be scared shit to even touch Salah in a similar occasion. Fact. And that, my friends, defines an advantage…

    Recently the club complained about the Christmas schedule. It’s too little -and it’s too late. Before even discussing that issue (and the integrity of the league in general), the truth is that the situation had already escalated to an uneven competition -which has now become the norm. And what have we done about it? We have all experienced a certain Jose Mourinho making a case out of nothing, constantly exaggerating, even lying. And I know for a fact that SAF would have never tolerated this situation, he would attack refs, the PL, the FA, the whole fucking system. City chose the path of dignity (domestically as well as abroad), yet it has been an ineffective strategy. Their silence has made enemy even more aggressive and arrogant. And the team constantly suffers…

    Bottom line is City do not enjoy the status of a Real, a Barcelona, a Bayern, a Juventus. Clubs functioning as institutions in their countries. Their players will never enter the pitch with the doubt of being treated unfairly. In fact, they have faith it will be quite the opposite -which defines favoritism. On the other side, the City player needs to build his confidence match after match after match. He knows he operates in a hostile environment, even if he will not admit it publicly. Which affects his game, it’s natural…

    Add to that reality the 8 points gap from the top, even a sense of guilt perhaps for the fuck ups vs Norwich and Wolves, both totally unacceptable. We are talking about pressure here, nervousness is inevitable. Which influences all aspects of the team’s performance: unforced errors, misjudgment of situations, wrong decisions, wasting easy passes, hesitating to heighten the pace of the game (and choosing safer options instead), finishing definitely… The worse part, as far as I am concerned, was the way we let them believe they are in the game till the final whistle, foolishly losing the ball in dangerous areas, when a simple clearance or just maintaining possession would do. There was absolutely no reason making Ederson a protagonist (and probably MOM) in the end, a final impression which definitely does not reflect the reality of the match. City need to get rid of this naivety…

    We witnessed signs of all the above occasionally yesterday. But given the circumstances, I find the performance more than satisfactory. The team operated as a unit, a team determined to strike back: a sense of responsibility individually as well as collectively was more than obvious. City kept patiently organizing their game, gradually increasing the pressure in the opposition third, making it insufferable for Palace. You could feel the players’ disappointment when promising situations were wasted, still they insisted and insisted and insisted, with waves of attacks following one after another. The 2 goal lead following the 1st half was the least City deserved…

    Guardiola of course will never mention this stuff to his players, providing “excuses” is not the proper approach. He will always expect nothing but the best from everybody. He will also see this situation as a test. One of so many in the recent past. Because that’s what it is. A very serious test, one of those you cannot afford to fail. Characters will be tested in the process, so are relationships and bonds between players, players and technical staff etc…

    What I’m trying to say is that balances are pretty delicate. I understand the fans who face difficulties handling the pressure (or even already psychologically preparing for the unthinkable), but this team cannot give up. Which means players need all the support they can get at this moment, it’s the only thing they rely on. I myself have serious problems understanding a lot of stuff regarding City’s management, several managerial (sometimes even technical) decisions are not justified in my eyes. And I don’t object to criticism, still fans need to take into account the bigger picture. Try to understand how David felt not getting that penalty, Rodri receiving that yellow, KDB yesterday, and so on, and so on, and so on. Because that’s the reality these players are facing. Otherwise criticism is bound to be unfair. Above all, don’t forget what these people (manager – players) have achieved operating in that particular environment. And give them the support and credit they deserve. No one else will…
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  8. Indaparkside


    28 Dec 2015
    Hang on just going to make a brew before i read the other half
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  9. tommo74


    10 Nov 2010
    Funny how other people debating against each other isn't seen as derailing a thread lol to the mods
  10. karen7


    4 Feb 2010
    Between zen and mad
    Pep Guardiola on his defensive changes: “Because we won, we can do it! I said it was an option. When Aymeric Laporte and John Stones were out, I said Rodrigo could play there. We decided to do it – to have more midfield players on the pitch..."

    “They can do it. I don’t know what will happen in future but we have alternatives. It was Joao Cancelo’s first game away in the Premier League. It is not the same as playing at the Etihad. He was aggressive and has incredible quality with the ball..."

    “Benjamin Mendy as well. He was injured for a long time. Hopefully, he can stay (fit) because he has a special quality.”

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