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  1. meldrew


    12 Oct 2007
    Hattersley then Salford
    If anyone is interested in joining virgin, inbox me and I can get them to call you with mates rates prices.
  2. Contract now at the months notice stage after a 12 month half price deal.
    Currently paying £42 for everything with multi-room and sky q 1 box.

    I would like the sky Q box 2 so I can enjoy ultra hd but will only get that if I get a deal.
    I am led to believe I don't need to pay £12 for multiroom as it's now included with 1 extra tv anyway.
    So what is the best price acheivable for everything excluding the broadband.
    I'm thinking of pitching @£32 for the full TV package without multi room.Am I being overy optimistic ?
  3. GX Blue

    GX Blue

    3 Jan 2009
    Tameside, Gtr Manchester.
    I've been paying £30 for basic package and all sports. Was a deal at the time.

    Goes up to £47 next month so I'm gona ring and cancel.

    When I ring shall I say I'm calling to cancel or I'm calling to see if I can carry on paying £30?


  4. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    Good luck if you can swing it. I am paying £65 for that and that includes multi room charge. I only renewed 3 months ago so unless something has changed since then its still a charge. Ultra HD is very good but still quite restricted to certain football, F1, a small selection of films and box sets. Let me know how you get on!
  5. Morning pal.Just got off the phone with them and they can do the full monty with multiscreen and sky q 2 for £62 on an 18 month contract.
    They are very clever in that the ultra hd service on the sky 2 box is free but you are tied into the multiroom to qualify.

    Going to roll the dice and cancel because if they can do £42 now then surely they can do similar for another 18 months.
    I have to have multiroom for the ultra so my aim is for £50 max the lot.Hopefully retention will come back with a better deal.
    Let you know because if people post what price they pay then we all get an understanding of what's acheivable.
  6. So I prolapsed at the last minute but improved on the previous offing.
    In a nutshell I upgraded to Sky Q2 box for the ultra HD content.
    This should have been a one off £65.00 but I got it for free so £65 /18 months contract @3.50 a month off.
    They reduced their full monty package fully loaded with multi room for £56.
    In real terms then £52.50 so close enough.

    Amazon tv will now be panned saving £70 a year so around £6 a month that I would have had to pay.
    And also no need to buy a free sat box for £180 so that's another tenner a month saved over the 18 months.
    Guaranteed no increase for the duration of contract.
    It's not bad is it ? ....

    I have 31 days to change my mind at no penalty.
    If anyone has wangled 4less let me know so I can go back with my Oliver Twist bowl for more porridge.
  7. Prestwich_Blue


    26 Jan 2006
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    I'm with BT and had their Sky package, which used to be SS1 & SS2 for £22.50 a month. Then Sky changed their channel set-up and BT's package was Sky Sports Main Event plus the Extra channel. That meant I could watch all PL games and anything else on the main channel but nothing else. They also put the price up to £27.50.

    Didn't fancy that so cancelled and got a Now TV box with all Sky Sports channels discounted for 2 months. The full package is £33 a month for all sports channels so I can watch NFL, Cricket, etc and cancel/reinstate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as I want.

    However BT didn't cancel my Sky Sports and kept charging me. I could prove I cancelled and played hell with them so they refunded me and gave me some freebies as well. I was happy with that (my last bill was a £10 credit) but they haven't actually switched Sky off so I can still watch & record the Main Event & Extra channels, which I'm not being charged for.
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  8. You have to be constantly switched on to regulate the viewing costs.
    Back in the day we were given a price and swallowed it.
    With sky upping the cost more and more people are becoming consumer aware.
    It's not too difficult to negotiate reasonable deals and I have to say I found the Scottish phone handler both knowledgable and pleasant.
    They need to pick up there phones however in less then 45 minutes.
    Worse case scenario was grabbing a freesat box at £180 and sticking with the Amazon Prime.
    Sky are aware of consumer choice and are having to play the game accordingly.

    Just switched to first Utility 12 month lock in with £45 Quidco cashback.
    They came out cheapest so happy days all round.
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  9. meltonblue


    14 May 2013
    I ring up and cancel every year (they usually offer 10% discount on the phone) and then within a week of that phone call, I have an offer through with either 50 or 60% off.

    I've got all channels and HD with one multi room and I'm paying £41 a month.
  10. Was your last contract heavily discounted Blue ?
    I'm belling them now ..
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