Ederson - 2020/21 Performances


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6 Jan 2021
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I like Ederson but I don't expect him to save any penalties, with Bravo, Hart, Muric, and Caballero I always thought they had a fair chance of saving a penalty. I think it's an area he can work on.

Unbelievable distribution though ;-)
Bet he saves a load in training


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4 Feb 2010
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Official: #ManCity have four representatives in the nominations for the 2020
Team of the Year - Kevin De Bruyne, Ederson, Aymeric Laporte, and Raheem Sterling


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7 Nov 2010
I was reading an article in The Athletic about Chelsea, and they posted a table of the best goalkeepers according to xG from shots on target excluding penalties.

Ederson was 3rd.

I would argue most of his shotstopping issues arise due to his inexperience and naivety rather than inability (That's why the bad ones look really bad). He makes a lot more saves than given credit for. And the older he gets the more those errors are going to get ironed out.
I would look more at the shots he faces rather than xG or any bollocks like that. I am pretty sure every single player/team save their very best performances for when they play us. Not remember that goal by Townsend against us a while back, hes not got a shot on target since I don't think. He isn't the last player to score a worldie against us out of nothing. Leciester game this year, they had 7 shots, 3 penalties and I remember one of the ones from Maddison being a screamer, nothing Ederson could do about pretty much any of them.

Ederson makes plenty of world class saves, rarely makes any mistakes and saves the odd penalty. On the ball though he can't be matched.

We concede so few chances it limits the amount of saves he can make. Then you get the other end of the scale with people like Johnstone at West Brom, gets peppered every game but also makes a fair amount of saves so looks good on paper.

I always remember the media banging on about Pickford at Sunderland facing 2000 shots when they got relegated, but he saved 50% so hes a top keeper. Gone to Everton, proven to be shite.

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