Epstein found dead in his cell/Prince Andrew interview


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24 Dec 2006
Down Under
Sat and watched the Netflix doc and obviously what he did was wrong and truly despicable, but it annoys me that these girls kept going back . If someone is paying you $200 to find girls, to do what you have done, and you found that act repulsive but you like the money what does that make you ? If you are going to private islands on yachts, and private jets around the world , staying at top hotels does it not cross your mind that there is going to have to be some pay back ? I have just re-read that and I know how it sounds, my annoyance is how can these girls be that naive ? Even if you had lead a sheltered up bringing you must have a vague understanding that this is not right and is immoral ? There was one girl saying how she had recruited around 50/60 girls at $200, so at the time all she was thinking about was the money and the lifestyle it was giving her, not the welfare of the girls that she was making money from, at that point she was no better than Epstein and Maxwell's daughter. What they did was illegal, immoral and totally reprehensible but it had to have crossed the girls minds that this lifestyle comes with a cost attached ?
I don't agree with any of the above post. These were children being manipulated by rich mature adults.
Mostly they were from a poor working class area, children who don't know their own mind being abused by sexual deviants who were expert at making the outrageous seem normal and grown up.
These people are evil imo.

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