Everton Thread - 2023/24

In a club statement, Moshiri said: "I wanted Bill to remain as our chairman during this important period of transition for the club and I am delighted that he has accepted my request to do so.

"Bill's knowledge and vast experience will be crucial for us as we look to reset, deliver on external investment and position Everton for a successful future."

Knowledge and vast experience of:
- wasting money
- selling 66% of the club for personal gain, having bought 68% for £20M
- buying dross
- running the club with his heart, because his head is empty
- believing that smiling and talking about the good old days will keep the Toffeemen happy

Straight out of the Swales Book of Football Club management
They'll be looking forward to their Derby matches at the Dockside stadium playing Wigan, Bolton, Wrexham
Will he still stay away from the matches?
Home games yes! as he is a turd who invents stories such as the headlock and sells his mates down the river. Utter rat this guy is. It is incredible he is still here. Hopefully he does one soon.

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