FA Cup Semi-Final | City v Chelsea pre-match thread

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Can't see us winning this. 2.5 days recovery isn't enough after a game that went into extra time.
Compared with Chelsea's 4.5 days.
If we were unable to beat them with sufficent recovery time twice this season in the league; this time, it will be really, really tough.
Don't get me wrong if we do win I'll be delighted - all I'm saying is it will be tough.
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It's going to take a gargantuan effort from the players today if we're to win this. As others have said, the scheduling is a disgrace and means we have little choice to but to play a weakened side. Hopefully the squad players can rise to the challenge, with the senior players to come off the bench if required.
(In the voice of General Melchett) “Make a note of the word ‘gargantuan’. I like it. I want to use it more often in conversation.”
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