Favourite City player ever?

Mike Summerbee for me.

I idolised him as a kid, I tried to play like him when I was small, and he lived a couple of doors down from my Uncle Sid in the 60's and my uncle always told me to go round and knock on his door.

I never did go round. I have never met him. But he is my all time hero in a City shirt.
Shaun Goater for me...

Feed the goat and,
Feed the goat and,
Feed the goat and he will score (and he will score)
Feed the goat and he will score!

Though Marc Vivian Foe will always have a special place in my memory. R.I.P. Marc we will always remember you.
No wonder we're in the bloody mire. I'm appalled that no one else has voted for Big Dave. Where are you 'Arry, Pete H, Chalky White, FFS get a vote in! No more votes for Big Dave an' Hull will do us! Mark my words! Hasta la vista or about 18.30.
just thinking players like mike doyle would run through a brick wall for the club, now look at the players cash is king, even shaun fucked off to chelsea, yeah i know he said all the right things about not wanting to go, but when he got that call that day he didnt even wait to the end of the game, he was off in a shot

However, at the moment I am loving Superman's work and he could overtake Kinky.
That I've seen play: Goater

That I've not seen play: Mike Doyle. Read his autobiography, a top guy. Read a newspaper report from the 70s comparing him favourably to Franz Beckenbauer.

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