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So Kevin is playing chess at another level. He was literally feigning his own stereotypical kdb cross box, groundball, outcurling pass which caught everyone off guard, and instead just gently passed the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal.
That lad would piss himself laughing at a funeral.
That's his tv character, he's playing to the audience.
Although, if I were to jump on your bandwagon, I would say that I don't consider him a spokesman for our club anymore, it is just a vehicle for him to make a career for himself.
A club of convenience.
Its not my bandwagon..I usually don't mind him but he can fuck right off from now on
Excellent result, probably should have been a more emphatic win considering the dominance we had. But that third goal more or less kills the tie.

Gutted for Jack who looked very lively before he went off, let's hope the injury is not too serious.
If grealish aint fit for a bit id be tempted to play bobb there, think he offers a similar level of control to grealish, while doku is great to watch he loses the ball a little to easily
Agreed, Bobb is more refined and plays at the right tempo, link up play and passing far better too. I hope Jack isn't out for long.
Comfortable as fuck and if it wasn't for Ederson's fuck up we'd be able to rest loads for the 2nd leg. Phil absolutely wasted on the right side, has to play centrally all the time for me. Hard to pick a motm as nobody was excellent, just solid performances all round. Bring on Chelsea!
Yeah totally wasted with his assist and goal.

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