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23 Oct 2014
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Change Log
2024.04.19 - Calendar updated after the CL exit
2024.04.10 - PL TV picks for remaining games of May added
024.04.05 - PL TV picks for first gameweek of May added
024.03.23 - PL TV picks for second half of Apr added
2024.03.22 - FA Cup SF fixture date/time confirmed for TV
024.03.16 - Spurs A postponed + FA Cup SF draw details added
2024.03.15 - CL QF fixtures confirmed and added
024.03.01 - FA Cup QF fixture date/time confirmed for TV
024.02.28 - FA Cup QF fixture added after the draw
2024.02.27 - PL TV picks for first half of Apr added
024.02.06 - PL TV picks for second half of Mar added
2024.02.02 - FA Cup R5 fixture date/time confirmed for TV
2024.01.28 - FA Cup R5 fixture added + date/time for the derby
2024.01.12 - FA Cup R4 fixture date/time confirmed for TV
023.12.21 - PL TV picks for Feb announced

2023.12.19 - FIFA Club World Cup Final confirmed
2023.12.18 - CL R16 fixtures confirmed and added
2023.12.15 - FIFA Club World Cup SF opponents confirmed
2023.12.12 - Burnley H + Club World Cup broadcaster confirmed
2023.12.09 - FA Cup R3 fixture date/time confirmed for TV
2023.12.03 - FA Cup R3 fixture added
023.10.26 - PL TV picks for Dec and first half of Jan added
023.10.20 - PL TV picks for first weekend of Dec added
2023.10.14 - PL TV picks for second half of Nov added
2023.09.28 - Carabao Cup dates cleared after exit in R3
023.09.24 - PL TV picks for half of Nov added
2023.09.04 - Carabao Cup R3 + CL group fixtures updated
023.08.17 - PL TV picks for Oct announced

2023.07.14 - Brentford (H) postponed due to Club World Cup
2023.07.08 - PL TV picks for Aug/Sept announced

2023.06.20 - Community Shield time changed
2023.06.18 - PL TV pick (broadcast selection) dates added
(these are not exact, but approximate max by dates as per PL commitment to fans)

2023.06.17 - Club World Cup tentative dates and TV channel added
2023.06.16 - Community Shield date/time confirmed
023.06.15 - Premier League fixtures added after announcement
2023.06.14 - New calendar created with draft dates

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The Premier League 2023/24 Fixtures will be announced on Thursday 15th June at 9AM UK Time.

As we did last season, let's keep this one single thread for all fixture changes etc. whether it's the monthly update for TV picks or any other postponement etc.

All fixtures are colour coded as per the competition (with legend at the bottom) - seven of them this time for us - so easy to spot which game is in which competition and any postponed games NOT shown within the calendar itself would be listed at the bottom. For any competition that we get out of early (which I hope is none), I will remove the future slots of that particular competition; while for the ones that we could reach the later stages of would remain in there to see possible future fixtures etc.

This first post (in the thread) will always have the most up-to-date calendar as most of you have now gotten used to it as well. The title may change temporarily to say when the next set of TV Fixtures will be coming out or have been announced etc. and to reflect that there ARE changes etc. to look for but the changes themselves will only be in this first post (above) here.

Seven shiny things to get this season, and it all starts with the Community Shield, and UEFA Super Cup both in the first week back ... C'mon City!
Important Announcement:

I am travelling and I won't be able to update all the Premier League fixtures in this calendar at 9am itself tomorrow or shortly thereafter as I normally do when they are announced. You will have to wait a couple of hours (at least) for me to be able to do that, and might not even be till late evening tomorrow ... so apologies in advance for that.

But I wanted to start this thread, so any fixtures discussion can all stay in one place, and I will update the calendar as soon as I can. You can already see where some important bits are, like the CL games, international breaks, the cups etc. and the two new competitions we'd be competing in this season (UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup).

With these all in place when PL does announce fixtures tomorrow, you'd still be able to put together which game is before CL matchweeks etc. and what could get disrupted by the Club World Cup in Dec etc. etc. Just have to be a little patient tomorrow for me to put it all in one place so you can see them all visually up here in the calendar.​
It's fake ... happens every single season. They are never released listed like that in a copy page by page for each gameweek :D
Also Luton's ground updates won't be completed until a couple of weeks into the season at best.
I have no idea whether this is legit.

Burnley (A) if so. Apologies if not.

100% fake. Luton can't play their first game at home as they're making improvements so the ground fits premier league standards. Also, Liverpool can't play at home the first weekend either, not sure why though
100% fake. Luton can't play their first game at home as they're making improvements so the ground fits premier league standards. Also, Liverpool can't play at home the first weekend either, not sure why though
Correct, lifted from the Daily Star today.

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