Forest Away

Good evening everyone,
It's a long shot I know but I'm looking for two tickets if anyone has spares or can't make it now.
Cheers all.
Does anyone know a Robin Hood (in Blue) who can fire me a ticket with a bow and arrow? Please get in touch if you can... Would love to see the action... Thanks...
This game is like rocking horse shit for tickets.
I only need one. Hopefully someone has a spare. Please DM me.
Season ticket holder looking for one ticket, please. I have bought on here several times before. Thanks Blues!
An adult or a senior would suit me fine. Happy to take 2 if that helps. Cheers.
Mate of mine will have one for Spurs wanting to swap for Forest tomorrow. Forgot to buy a Forest ticket and is a reliable season ticket holder. We’ll be near the ground regardless so can respond to any late PMs.
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