Frenkie de Jong(Signed for Barcelona)

Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by gomer27, 6 Nov 2017.

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  1. without a dream

    without a dream

    3 Jun 2009
    Being played offside by Martin Demichelis
    I think the opposite, if we were worried about punishment we'd be scrambling around for players before any kind of ban either from signing players or from the CL came in. 90m euros is a huge fee, i think De Jong will end up worth it but dropping a teenager into the middle of a PL midfield would be a gamble.
  2. NOID


    17 Jun 2012
    Aha my apologies, I completely forgot about that point completely.
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  3. ken tali

    ken tali

    3 May 2018
    i think it would have been no problem for us to pay 79mil pounds for him, maybe he just wants to join Barca more than us.
  4. Tevez City

    Tevez City

    9 May 2010
    I think Pep should turn Foden into Jorginho
  5. blueparrot


    7 Jun 2012
    He's a coach not an alchemist.
  6. Sir Joe Aguero

    Sir Joe Aguero

    9 Feb 2012
    Gundogan is already miles better, and Foden is a different type of player entirely.
  7. citizenyank76


    16 Feb 2010
    Apparently will earn 16 mill a year. Think the girlfriend won't mind missing out on Paris.
  8. hedkandi


    28 Apr 2012
    DC-10 :)
    not sure your intentions here, are you after a bite from someone?
  9. dcye


    18 Jul 2009
    Barcelona fans preaching about the money they "earned" :rolleyes:
  10. Parisian


    18 Jan 2019
    Team supported:
    Paris Saint Germain
    How can people call that a great post or even upvote it.

    I referred to you actual articles, real numbers from different sources (from France and L'Equipe being at war with PSG would not see them favor them, from UK, from US). Still, you are unable to link any real sources from what you spout out ?

    The simple fact you consider OL as an historical club in France is laughable. OL is praised for being very well managed. No one will ever say the opposite. But, French people will tell you the historical club in that region is Saint Etienne, the actual record holder of Ligue 1 titles. Lyon became only relevant in the early 2000 (and was founded only 20 years before PSG, what a long history compared to PSG haha !) when they won 7 straight titles. You should really stop talking about french football because you are showing your ignorance. By the time Lyon had won their first Ligue 1, PSG had already won 2 Ligue 1, 5 Coupes de France, 2 Coupes de la Ligue, 1 Coupe des Clubs Vainqueurs de Coupe.
    If this is not enough, here is what Wikipedia has to say : Paris Saint-Germain established itself as a major force in France, and one of the major forces of European football in recent years. PSG have won a total of 38 trophies, making it the most successful French club in history by this measure.[3][4] PSG is also the only club to have never been relegated from Ligue 1,[5] the club with most consecutive seasons in the top-flight (they have played 45 seasons in Ligue 1 since 1974),[6] one of only two French clubs to have won a major European title,[7] and the most popular football club in France and one of the most widely supported teams in the world.[8]
    If again, this is not enough proof : why is the french classic match PSG v OM ? I mean PSG is such an irrelevant club, i wonder why it is not OM v OL, right ?
    PSG is the only team in France to have won an European Cup, the other one being OM with their bribing scandal that year. That makes PSG an historical team in France. Also, PSG was number 1 team in UEFA coefficient in 1998, only team in France to do that.
    You have just shown your immense bias towards PSG, i suppose you like Lyon because it is closer to your country maybe. Or rather because you are what we call a "footix" in France: basically an uncultured guy that goes bandwaggoning a team or club because they are successful (here Lyon when you started following L1 in the 2000).

    Next time, stick to theme you have a good knowledge, i get you dislike PSG, don't talk about it if you can say anything but lies.

    For the rest of your post, de Jong finally chose Barça only after they raised their offer to both player and club and promised him playing time. That just shows you players will chose money and playing time first and then chose legacy/favorite club. I have no problem with it because i'm not the dogmatic one that says player come to my club irrespective of money. If anything, it should humble you about the perceived value players are attributing to the prestige of playing at Barca. Seems to be pretty costly as your club pays the most wages in the sporting world.
    Anyway, i'm happy for the guy, he got his dream move and plenty of money on top of that. Ajax got well paid too. Wonderful for all parties involved.
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