Gary Neville

Yet again the thread lights up again and I enter with nothing but the thought of good news ..

However, yet again, it turns out the weasel faced **** is still breathing …!! :-(

It’s the hope that’s killing me…!
Breathing and probably spewing his shite later in the scum game .
Breathing and probably spewing his shite later in the scum game .
It would be yet another "United have turned the corner" moment if they win.
But, not guaranteed, as Luton are very good at home.
My concern, is that Luton's enthusiastic challenges will get early yellow cards which will curtail their tackling.
One thing is certain, their captain, the Rat, will appeal for yellow cards at every Luton tackle and triple-somersaults and head injuries will be all over the pitch...
Time this **** and spit had their contracts terminated and give fresh blood a chance .
I'll never understand why broadcasters stick with the same, overpaid shite year after year. Not one single person would cancel their subscription if he left. Same, probably more so, with that smug **** Lineker - bin him off and MOTD wouldn't miss a beat.

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