Getting out of the rat race.

I didn’t leave Uni and get a proper job until I was 23. Worked for Employers for the next 10 years whilst training and got bored once I had worked on a client for 2 successive years so moved on . Began clock watching in the job so decided to go on my own, work from home and never looked back. From then on it was often fighting the clock rather than trying to will it forward. As you keep the money you earn it gives a different aspect on life.
Turned in to a 7 day a week job so to avoid an early grave sold part of the business and went part time whilst exploring other business opportunities. Sold out completely literally two days before lockdown and despite offers from other firms to go and work for them, no chance.
I have a canal boat and avoiding overseas this year to explore the southern canals I have never been on despite owning canal boats for the last 30 years. Little wonder post Covid no one wants to go back to work whatever bribes are offered.
If you can afford it it’s a no brainer, if you can’t, it may be worth adjusting your life style, there are plenty of things that can be done on the cheap.
I was in a stressful job. Although I thought I was managing it well, it wasn't until I quit that I realized that perhaps I wasn't.

That was at 63 and although I don't have money to burn, I'm OK.

Absolutely no regrets about getting out of the rat race, but then I suppose I had been sensible and was in a position to be able to make that choice. In hindsight, had I been more sensible, then I could have done it earlier.

The funny thing is, the job I left was the only job in the whole of my working career that I actually liked and had a passion for!!!!

The job was great, it was all the illogical Corporate interference that finished it...........for me and for others. Now there's no business at all.

Although I liked the actual job, this new job of retirement is brilliant, simply love it!!
Still trying to adjust to retirement….nobody on their death bed says “my biggest regret was not spending enough time at work “
Still trying to adjust to retirement….nobody on their death bed says “my biggest regret was not spending enough time at work “
I seem to be just the opposite HB, fortunately I've never had any issue.

I went from being totally dedicated to the job, working 50/70 hours a week, answering emails very late into the evening, weekends, to nothing and adjusted immediately.

Prior to quitting, I did wonder if I'd get bored, but to be honest, especially with our long winters, but I don't know how I found time to work. Sure, I work at my pace and if a job doesn't get finished, well, it can wait until tomorrow can't it.

I usually go on vacation twice a year and the biggest 'irritation' is having to work around the good lady's vacation schedule.

I was pretty skint in 2007 following the split with my wife, but I guess with some hard work and dedication I am now in this very fortunate position. Mortgage free, some money in the bank and all the free time I need. Well worth the effort.

You'll be fine, just give it some time and appreciate it.
I would have completely left the rat race around ten years ago, if it wasn't for the pesky wife loving work so much. We purchased our bungalow in Chiang Mai around fifteen years ago. Now just waiting, and waiting, she's just had her second knee replacement, and still wants to go back to work !

All the best laid plans and that ?

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