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30 Mar 2009
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Absolutely annoys me that. Used to challenge Peter Fletcher over it at Points of Blue and he said that away fans like the 'sterile zone' that gets them straight onto the coach park. But how many other grounds have anything like it? West Brom is the only one I can think of, where you come out a separate exit and down that path, which is a pain in the arse as it's on the wrong side of the ground from where most park.
And from where you go in


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5 Jun 2009
This pisses me right off, sometimes it's one gate closed, others it's 2 and often it's none. It can't be a security issue given Fulham hardly brought any fans and 2 gates were closed. All it does is cause a severe bottleneck further down that could easily lead to someone getting squashed and hurt as about 10 turnstiles all head for the same gate at once. I'm convinced it's nothing more than laziness from the stewards. If they're open pre match there's zero reasons why it shouldn't be open post match too.

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