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  1. nmc


    9 Jan 2006
    The club is slowly losing touch with its fan base. interestingly small groups or blocks are getting picked off - one at a time; which I am sure is the clubs strategy. Sooner or later we need to stand together and tell the club - for all the goood they have done in many areas that there are areas - largely relating to fan / club interaction, the expansion of corporate areas and ticket pricing which they have got wrong and where they simply dont consult adequately. I see people on here saying they'd prefer Swales - I dont agree - the present regime have delivered a lot we should be grateful for but equally we shouldnt be blind, we need to speak out and point out when they get things wrong (and like anyone they do). I still fundamentally believe that this is our club and they are just the guardians and on some (not all) points we have views and opinions that should be heard because the club will make better decisions if they factor in the suporters perspective. The club seems to like surveys - which are all very well but they are no substitute for conversations and the acknowledgement and acceptance of others perspectives.
  2. manctheknife


    28 Aug 2007
    It's over. The love you thought would last forever has run it's course, time to move on. They have found another and won't even be splitting the record collection with you.
    Be brave and remember the good times.
  3. WhenProgrammesWereAShilling


    30 Dec 2013
    City are just gearing up for the next giant leap for all mankind when the European Super League is formed. If City miss the boat when its formed the club will be left behind big time. It will happen.... Real Madrid know that if they are going to be able to compete with the english clubs in the future a european league must happen. The riches of the PL mean that clubs such as West Brom, Stoke, West Ham, Southampton are all financially way ahead of clubs such as Celtic, Ajax, Benfica, even the Italian giants, all who have won europes biggest prize yet cannot compete financially because of the PL. In years to come you may have Burnley, Bournemouth and Watford in that mix too.
    To stop this a european league with maybe Real, Athletico, Barca, Juventus, AC and Inter, Benfica, Porto, Ajax, Bayern, Dortmund, PSG, Celtic, and maybe 3 or 4 from the PL and maybe one or two others who are potentially big enough to get into it, will form this league. TV rights will put them on a par with each other, sponsorship will be huge and global, and maybe all clubs in this league will also be guaranteed UEFA Champions League entry every season? Maybe there will be a 2nd Division with lesser clubs providing a one-up, one-down relegation. The FA Cup and League Cup will have EDS level teams in from the english big boys playing in ESL, its almost like that already in the early rounds.
    Im not saying i agree with this, but its gunna happen im sure. Real are making big noises about the future and they are very, very powerful in what happens regarding european football. Theres no way they will be left unable to compete to the english big-boys.
    So City are looking to the next gen of supporters, everything is being geared to it. Talk to the chance! As has been said, remember the good times!
  4. BrianW


    6 Mar 2006
    People's Republic of Bury, Gorton exile
    I think the game we all knew and loved is dead. Something new has risen in its place, and it's all about money. I don't think it's down to City - the people running the Club are just doing their best to keep it in the elite.

    Unfortunately that isn't compatible with cheap seats, working-class support, or hot bovril. Sad, but that's the modern world for you. Great if you're loaded. Shit if you're not.
  5. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    its sad reading about this. we are gonna end up with a wembly style ground that has huge sections of empty seats, while the ordinary fan is either in the third tier or priced out. football should be affordable and clubs should care about fans. A club like ours, which was known for being a fan caring club shouldn't be straying from that. when there is no noise at all and a half empty ground maybe the greedy folk will realise how important we are.

    you treat fans like shit, price them out and one day everything that makes city what it is ( the fans) will be gone.
  6. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    I wouldn't be too worried about corporate/toffs taking over completely (some may be passionate fans despite having some dough too lets not forget so lets not tar them all with the same brush) does anyone know what percentage of seating will be corporate at the Etihad after this? Would be nice to have some figures to see if we are blaming everything on one thing too easily(same with blaming the day trippers), part of what makes the Premier League so attractive is/has been the atmosphere wasn't there talks of UEFA fining clubs for not making an effort to move sections of fans when the ground isn't full to minimise empty sections in the stadiums? At the end of the day even though it has become a product these things still matter to them obviously and will eventually affect their "bottom line"(or whatever buzzword they use these days). I'm sure the realisation will come from the Premier League chiefs that atmospheres across the country in all Prem clubs are on the decline, from the new stadiums focused on fancy design rather than acoustics and atmosphere to increased corporate sections and increased standard seating prices forcing the fans who normally generate the most noise/atmosphere out of the game.

    I don't think it's just a City problem all clubs are doing this because they don't want to give up too much of an advantage to their rivals.
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  7. KingCarlito


    18 Jun 2015
    Scary thought, but you're probably not far wrong.

    Sad reading this thread, long term fans shouldn't be getting treated like this, if anybody. We all want change, and growth for the club, but they are cutting out loyal fans by doing it in the completely wrong way. It doesn't affect me personally for now, but something needs to be done about it before it's too late. Maybe at the Stoke or Liverpool game we could prepare a protest. About time the hardcore support start sticking together and voting with their feet, maybe a walkout at some point during the game, or a banner. Just a thought.
  8. Fuzzy80


    2 Feb 2015
    At some point safe standing will become an attractive option for club and fans...Just some of the fans that would benefit will have stopped going!
  9. jrb


    8 Oct 2008
    Referee Mark Clattenberg has gone to officiate in Saudi Arabia via his agent.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg chaps.

    Those running the club are focuseed, and have been instructed to deliver, regardless of the consequences. We are on the sidelines, looking in from the outside.(of the glass tunnel wall)

    We have been forced to make mere mortal Men and footballers Gods.
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  10. stony


    19 Jul 2005

    There's a thread on Clattenberg. Do you know something else mate, and would you care to elaborate?

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