Home games on sale

as i understand it if you join early you go into a holding pen, so when it goes live you get a random queue number. Bit of lottery, join early say 10 minutes before, but there's no benefit
I managed to get a ticket for both chelsea and west ham in the end, I'm ecstatic !! Cheers for the help :)
Hi blues, new member here. From Toronto, Canada and a massive city supporter. Not sure where to post this as i do not have any privielege yet to create a thread, but my girlfriend and I are going to Manchester finally in April 2024.
I have plans to go to the Luton match at home on April 13, I just do not know what the best way to get tickets is.

I know on the official site, It says to purchase a membership and can only get 1 ticket each. so for my girlfriend and I, assume that comes out to 2 memberships to get 2 individual tickets. Is there a third party site that is legitimate and cheaper or are we able to buy tickets on here?

Any info would help! cheers.

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