I sense trouble on Thursday


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15 Jul 2008
In the cricket club at Burnley away
No he is right. We will always be treated like shite as long as there are people wanting to fight. I am sure you like every Blue was fuming over the coach attack by the feral mob, you cannot applaud City fans for dishing it out but attack scouse scrotes.

The difference being that those on our team coach weren’t scrotes and did nothing to warrant what happened. Nor does the Liverpool team coach warrant a retaliatory attack but if a scrote is being a scrote then they deserve a slap IMO. Especially aa Miseryside Police didn’t exactly do their jobs that night.

Electric Blue

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3 Nov 2004
from the 70's to the 90's football hooliganism was expected at matches with certain clubs , ive never gone looking for trouble but never ran away either , i am not some hard bastard it was just the era of football violence and you went to games with the possibilty of being involved in a ruck. Much prefer the new sanitised match experience , nice drink at the Summerbee bar, risk a burger and saunter through the turnstiles to watch the best team in the world.
Much better than standing in the pissing rain at the bottom of the Kippax drinking Greenalls and watching away coaches after the game getting bricked in the car park and away supporters being chased down the ginnels , but sometimes in a perverse way , i do miss Maine Rd.
That reminds me of how much I miss them days pal !

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