i'd say 500 (TICKET POLICE)

marco said:
kippaxchris said:
marco said:
def been on here just maild me, hes wanking himself raw because we bid on something he didnt have, what a fukin bell end

Seems to me you have been wanking yourself raw all night bidding silly amounts and reporting back to this page haha. Let them do what there doing it wont benefit them.......
if you dont like the thread move on there is plenty more for you to reed

I dont understand why you would say that? I didnt say i dont like the thread :/
Lucky13 said:
Did anyone beat my £161k bid?
Just logged on to my ebay account & because of bid retractions i am now the winner at a great price of £1,616.16 they have also sent me 2 emails confirming this.
This sad rag - mooney 0161 - wasn't too happy with my legitimate questions! Shame he had his listing pulled...

Hello there. A few answers.

Which stand is it in? The Kop
Which level? 2
How close is it to the away fans? Far
Does it include free parking? No Sorry
If so, how far away? Not included
Is it just the one match? No it is for 2
How do you want me to pay? Monopoly money
Where do you want to meet me? Where your mum works (Piccadilly Train Station Tunnels)
Do you need to collect it afterwards? No you can keep it
Can I just watch? Yes
Will you sell it to a red or is it just City fans? Just a Red no Berties SORRY!

Thanks you bitter Bertie.

- mooney0161

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