Is left back really a problem?


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27 May 2016
Honestly, I don't think there is any LB out there available right now that's gonna move the needle in our favor to that degree. Reason being, Zinchenko in my opinion, is top 5-6 Lbs in the league right now, more so considering the way we play.

From what little I've seen and read about Tagliafico, he's a below average defender with decent attacking sense. I don't think he starts over Zinchenko right off the bat, and he's definitely not a better attacker than Cancelo.

An injury to one of Cancelo / Walker could be concerning but If Ake can take on the backup LB role and performs to an acceptable level, like he did for the national team, then we are going to be just fine. This is not a make or break position right now for me, like it was a few seasons ago.


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7 Sep 2012
With Mendy gone, we are going in with 3 fullbacks in 2 positions. A long term injury to any of them and we've got problems. I guess the club is thinking Ake or laporte can plug but dunno. Seems a big risk. Surely next summer we get a left back.


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16 May 2019
Prob is we dont play with one, so finding a player who can play natual LB with the talent to play CM and know when and why is a short list.

Full back is a very specialised role in this team

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