Is Manchester getting rougher (or is it just reported more?)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by urban genie, 24 Nov 2016.

  1. Why Always Ste

    Why Always Ste

    15 Oct 2009
    111 South Stand
    Hmm... I feel much safer in Mcr centre than say most of the neighbouring towns such as Oldham/Stockport/Rochdale/Bolton/Bury

    The police response time is far greater, with more efficient street monitoring in the control room.
    They see a lot of shit that happens in the centre in the control room but base their response on priority due to the volume of people.
    Also take this into account.... More people = more chance of opportunities to commit crime.
    Most crime is committed by opportunistic people... And is not premeditated.

    I wouldn't go around say Bolton as a shopper/drinker/clubber etc even if you paid me... It's a drug ridden hell hole and I've witnessed large scale fights with my own eyes, and the police haven't shown up for 30mins... Until the incident has long ended.

    Whereas in Mcr centre, even small isolated incidents and the police have been on top.
    Alot of surveillance occurs, and you will be safe to know you are being monitored frequently whilst you float around town.

    Want a scrap? Bolton is your spot :/

    Keep myself to myself in Mcr centre, extra vigilant and don't leave myself vulnerable.
    Think like a criminal ;)
    And I've been safe (so far)
  2. manctheknife


    28 Aug 2007
    Indeed it was. Although to be fair, it got worse in the 70,s.
  3. Kloisters was a lovely night out
  4. Wrighty Wrexham

    Wrighty Wrexham

    17 Mar 2009
    Must admit I have not been in the City centre for quite some time as been ill battling bowel cancer. Went pre Stoke match and was amazed how overrun Piccadilly Gardens was with down and outs. Then at the weekend was reading about the Spice Zombies in Manchester and Wrexham lol
  5. peoffrey


    15 Oct 2010
    RIP Billy Big Spuds
    I'm in my third spell in Manchester and rarely, if ever, go to town. I work near Piccadilly Station so it's in and out on the tram before spending all my time locally. It could be an age thing but I want to leave fancy shops and bistros to the younger ones now.

    I live in a residential area and it's all families. Everyone knows each other and you'd expect trouble to be dealt with.
  6. fatbloke


    24 May 2004
    I don't think things have changed that much in all honesty, probably just a few more bellends acting the big man after a line of sherbet dip.

    Keep your gob shut in certain situations and don't act like a bellend yourself and you'll generally stay out of trouble. As a group of lads we've probably ended up in 5/6 scraps in the last 20 years, usually just handbags. You just learn to get out of places in you sense an atmosphere as you get older.
  7. Try a night out in Milnrow.............. gorgeous
  8. Uncle Wally One Ball

    Uncle Wally One Ball

    3 Jan 2009
    Manchester, like all cities, will be safer and not rougher. While there is undoubtedly manipulation of crime figures, the broad facts show that crime generally is way down these days. City centres are safer for a number of reasons and due to a number of initiatives down the years. Night-time economy areas have improved because of stricter rules on licensing. Pubs have to have doorstaff, and not the kind of knobbers many of us will remember from back in the day.Those doorstaff have to do a course, and be licensed themselves. Contraventions will risk revokation of their license, and they have obligations to meet like regulating numbers in pubs, not letting in clearly leathered people and reporting incidents to the law. Pubs have to have cctv, have it serviced, and make it available. There are usually 'nightnet' type radio link ups with pubs and council cctv operators, so troublesome cockknockers can be identified and followed around town, and other pubs alerted to stop them. Eventually they get bored and go home or elsewhere.

    Planners have generally liked to group new pubs or developments together, so places are busier and people less isolated walking about. There are more taxis about and they too have licensing conditions. There is an emphasis on clearing town out of people at the end of nights, and many places have taxi marshalls to help this. some places even have volunteers to help pissed up people and there are help points where they can get first aid, and US style 'drunk tanks' have been introduced where steaming drunk persons are left quietly and then monitored to sleep it off.

    The old bill try to have dedicated officers allocated to areas where pubs and revellers are, and the courts have for a few years been putting banning orders on people comvicted of ale related crime and violence, stopping them going into boozers. Im sure they do, but if they reoffend in such areas the courts can then put them away for a bit.

    There is also a change of culture amongst young'uns these days. Whereas I like an afternoon slurp with the boys and home for MOTD, unless Im out chasing milfs, the new generation dont go out til midnight and generally dont drink much. I was reading that this generation of people in their 20s has the highest rate of teetollers ever.
  9. BlueRon7


    22 Nov 2009
    The World is getting rougher.

    Fact is it's just luck.
  10. Indaparkside


    28 Dec 2015
    Went to the john Milne there recently for some grub, seemed ok

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