It wont be long until someone does another 'Leicester'

The bookies took a hit. They’ll never offer the same odds.

Odds on football in general are really conservative these days.
As a group on here, we won around £100k combined in the 100 points season when we wagered on goals scored
The longest odds of 35/1 have never been close to offered again
5000/1 tells you everything you need to know... Massive inside trading making a lot of doe for certain people in Thailand and elsewhere. Peds for the players, other teams players underperforming and a bit of help from the refs. Won't be long until it happens again I'm sure. Maybe be united next. But in all seriousness maybe Brighton or Brentford with their squeaky clean owners
Nailed it.
What was strange for me was how much energy every one ogmf their players had that season. The next season when they all stopped wearing those white bandages, they all returned to being Plodder. Strange that!!

When you’re winning and the feel good factor is there then the energy stays, they maintained it and gave absolutely everything the final stages of that season. No chance they could carry that over again the following season.

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