It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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24 Jul 2020
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He could break his leg playing football in a matter of days, ask yourselves why such a commodity would leave something like that to chance, unless he was still in the mix?

There is political stuff going on which is beyond football, taking root in Barca going cap in hand around the institutions asking for preferential rates and loans.

Think about it...

And we get invited to Joan Gamper game to boot!

With regards are own top players, they are even asking about loans with a view to buy next year.

Messi wouldn’t sign a contract now would he? with him being the Argentina


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13 Nov 2008
The guy is a first class wanker and wum, if he isn't a wum then he's the strangest city fan I've ever met, dreadful poster, nothing but negativity
Oh I've been following him for a bit now. It started to hit me when he said the squad was full of bottlers and needed to be replaced to have any success in UCL.. BEFORE we came back and eliminated Dortmund. When City took over he was done in the matchday thread and of course it would be ludicrous for a City fan with over 10k posts to note something positive in the post-match thread.

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20 Feb 2008
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Messi wouldn’t sign a contract now would he? with him being the Argentina

He could, but he could also have done that before he jumped on a plane.

It is utterly bizarre to me a club like Barca, with the 24-hour news cycle which envelopes it, neither club nor media outlet, can provide the definitive.

Barca need a feel-good story, Laporte predicated his election on getting Messi to stay, yet the club still hasn't announced his new deal, something they would gladly be shouting from the rooftops.

Why not?

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