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Nightmare Walking

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27 May 2014
Well I've got a colonoscopy tomorrow, so consider yourselves lucky!!
I have had 2 a year for the last 5 years.
I once got a telling off while having it done. As the camera went round the corner, I grimaced a little. One of the nurses asked if I was OK. I said to the nurse that if she stroked my head and told me that she loved me, everything would be OK. Everyone started pissing themselves. The consultant who had the camera up my arse, had to walk away. Once they composed themselves, I got a right bollocking off the consultant as she could have perforated my insides due to her laughing.

Hopefully you will be OK. They are not too bad really and all over with in 10 minutes.
Which age is colonoscopy recommended btw? I am 32 and was thinking if I should get one done although i am afraid of the results and the procedure.
Why would you want one done? What symptoms do you have?


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28 Sep 2017
I dont see any lb out there being more accustomed to playing our way than Zin or Cancelo. Investing in a lb would be a waste in my opinion.

The defence is stacked with quality and back up options
The midfield similar. Potentially a gap at cdm unless theres real promise from the academy we havent seen yet (lavia etc).
Striker is a massive hole (albeit Torres doing a great job papering over it) and open for any type of option to be added.

Signing a player in another position causes problems we don’t need imo

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