Justice against Bald Fred known as Bet Fred


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16 Feb 2020
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I remember reading a book called The Power of Habit, which isn't about gambling, but includes a story of a gambling addict in America. The casino knew she was a problem gambler, and constantly contacted her with offers of free suites, food, at one time even providing a limo to bring her to the casino and gamble. More importantly, they gave her credit. In the end, she'd gambled away over a million dollars of her inheritance, taken out a secret mortgage on the family home, and owed the casino nearly $400k, because according to the court "there is no obligation for casinos to avoid targeting problem gamblers."

Problem gamblers in particular react differently to near misses in a game. Most people when faced with a near miss will see it as a trigger to quit while they're ahead. But problem gamblers will get a hit of adrenaline that keeps them going. So how have gambling companies responded to these findings? Well of course they've programmed their "random" games to provide more near misses and keep addicts playing longer. They are even able to collect data on individual players' habits and adjust the game accordingly. Which makes a mockery of the idea that they don't target addicts. In America, 40-60% of slot machine revenue comes from problem gamblers, and people who play slot machines are more likely to become addicts than those who gamble in other ways, precisely because the machines are designed that way.

It would hardly be astonishing to find that gambling apps aren't similarly designed to target individuals' habits and provide them with the exact stimulation they need to keep gambling. It's therefore also unlikely that such apps are incapable of identifying problem gamblers based entirely on their gaming habits. Which of course could be used to prevent harm, but instead is used to extract as much money as possible from them.
Exactly...they're the same as DRUG PUSHERS!
I'm all for the choice. What I spend my money on is my choice. I think everything should be allowed, but, I should have to go out of my way to get it. It's there for people to find if they want it. Whether that's gambling, alcohol, drugs porn or whatever...as long as it harms nobody else and it's not being promoted as good or glamourous.
What I hate about these gambling sites and bookies now is that it's in our faces. They encourage people that have never gambled in their lives to become addicts. All the bonuses and offers reel them in, they'll give them a taste of a few little wins and certain amount will become addicts. Or problem gamblers. Fcking hell...drug dealers don't even do that!

MCFC_ Phil

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27 Apr 2012
I worked for Fred and his brother Peter in their shop in Salford. Rough house betting shop it was too. Think it was one of their flagships back then just Done bookmakers back in the 80's. Fred used to turn up bald as fuck back then I think he was actually ok. Seems times have changed and with technology they've turned into twats. Glad that dude turned it over on them. They won't miss it.


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28 Aug 2005
mark my words first past the post ? we are paying out on utd being champions come and get your winnings

dodgy fucker and thought he could pay him off and he walk away with a little loss of £60,000
the court should have double the guys win and made fred give a public apology

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